Sharon and Joe Enterprises


S&J Enterprises is an executive recruiting firm specializing in the high-tech and telecommunications industries. Our name is derived from the fundamentals of how we work communication between the market, our client and our team at S&J Enterprises. We place executives across all functional areas at the vice president level and above. Quality, velocity and service are the measurements we use to assess client satisfaction. Proactive communication is central to positive client relationships; we don't wait for you to ask a question about the search or the candidate, we anticipate it. We call our work successful only if you become a referenceable client.

Most firms in our industry have two measures of success:

•  a placement in three to six months

•  receipt of 2/3 of the placement fee.

We consider our search a success if:

•  the search consummates in an actual placement

•  the placement occurs in 90 days or less

•  3the client is referenceable.

Our founders worked in the high-tech industry for a combined 25+ years. Those years were spent in operations, sales, and marketing roles at the executive level. So we overlay our sales and marketing experience with traditional search process. In doing so, we package our client's opportunity and present it to our joint 'prospective customer', the candidate, unlike any other firm. We've got the industry and recruiting experience to accurately assess the candidates you should pursue. And since we've sat on the other side of the desk ourselves, we can anticipate candidate concerns. Our principals do their own work and do not relegate it to junior level individuals. Guiding our efforts is our road map to success. We lay out, up-front, with our client what our target candidate pool will be and how we will approach the search. Our clients sign off on this Search Strategy and we begin our work. Targeted at a 90-day completion, we plan internally around 60 days. At any given time, we are prepared to review with you where we are in the search, what companies and candidates have been contacted and what their status may be. Results count...our results are excellent and repeatable.

With unemployment at an all time low in many areas and top-flight candidates in short supply, the tried and true methods of counteracting counteroffers are beginning to fail both recruiters and hiring companies. Companies decided they owed no loyalty to their employees with the downsizings and restructurings of the early 90's (and before). Now it seems that employees have also decided that a job is just a job and a long career is only a happy memory. Not only is this feeling implicit among the industry leaders where turnover in the CEO offices is at an all time high, it has trickled down to the rank and file and to the middle management positions where it was believed that if you showed up, kept your nose clean and did your job, you had a good shot at retiring from that company. Now it's everyone for themselves.

The executive search industry is maturing. Top-tier firms are forging long-term relationships with clients. Responsibilities are expanding to include market analysis and strategic consulting. And many corporate clients are correctly beginning to think of their search firms as partners and professionals in the same way they think of their attorneys and accountants. The New Professionalism in Search Demand for top-level talent is at an all-time high. Competition is keen. The needs are dauntingly complex. Clients who are creating new departments, entering new markets or offering new services find they can't simply order up so many warm bodies. Before hiring anyone, they are finding they need help in determining the structure and strategy of the businesses they are staffing.

Increasingly, savvy clients are recognizing search as an effective resource to fill the gap. And savvy search firms are stepping forward and offering their expertise in strategy as an integral aspect of the staffing process.

Not only should employee benefits remain during years of employment. Post retirement can be a difficult period for many, particularly financial.

Today, first-tier search firms need to routinely provide an array of information-based services that integrate pure search with other aspects of strategic consulting. Before finding the personnel to fill a need, search firms should use their knowledge of the market to define the need and to help clients determine their competitive advantages. As a result, search executives are beginning to be considered by their more resourceful clients as advisors and consultants on the same order as lawyers or public accountants. As rapid change continues, "real time market intelligence" becomes increasingly valuable. Today, the value of a truly professional search firm to its clients grows exponentially similar to the ever changing requirements of refinance loans. it demonstrates that it has the knowledge and information clients need to assess the potential of a proposed venture, as well as to determine the best way to put the venture together. Because of their constant interaction with key players from all areas of the industry, first-tier executive search firms have become unique repositories of insights and information about what's going on in any given market on any given day. That means they can provide critical input not available from any other source in making many crucial decisions.

They can help clients determine the most effective design for a new business. They can analyze the numbers and kinds of people required to run it most effectively. And, of course, they can find and offer clients the right people to do the job. While most clients are capable of evaluating their competition financially, they often find it impossible to access hard intelligence on how competitive businesses are actually run. However, because top search professionals are constantly talking to the people who created these businesses, they know how things are set up organizationally. They know what's working and what's not. They have an excellent sense of where companies really are in terms of their culture. They are listening and analyzing information all the time - and they are able to put this information to good use much more quickly than any other source. Often, what a search consultant delivers proves to be critical to the success of a new venture. Today the tide is rising in the executive search business. And search is rapidly becoming a true profession which can offer greater value to its clients and greater challenges and rewards to its practitioners.

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